List of Services

You're a beautiful canvas and we're all about helping your natural beauty emerge. Come and let's work together to meet your needs, helping you become you.

Current Services -

Initial Consultations | Free

Call 857-753-0070 today!

Neurotoxin Injections (Botox) (Xeomin, Dysport, Jeveau available on request) | $12/unit

The number of units is dependent upon the area treated - Call 857-753-0070 for a free consultation/pricing.

Dermal Fillers | $650-$800 per syringe

Lip filler is $650 per syringe.

Cheek filler is $800 per syringe

Some lines of the mid to lower face may be filled as well - Call 857-753-0070 for a free consultation/pricing.

Do you and your friends want botox? Ask about a botox gathering for groups of 4 or more!

Attendees can recieve a discount.

Frown lines (20-40 units)

Crows feet (7.5-30 units/side)

Forehead (10-30 units)

Lip Filler

Cheek Filler

Lower Face Lines